Adverse effects of taking sleeping pills

Adverse effects of taking sleeping pills


The advancement of science and technology has helped the drug manufacturers to produce medicines that can do wonders but alongside their benefits they also have potential side effects and only sticking to the expert guideline will do justice and maximum positive outcome. Individuals across the globe use Sleeping Pills UK to ensure a sound sleep as it is mandatory for a smooth functioning of the body.


Sleeping pills are the medications that are responsible for inducing sleep that is hypnosis and makes the person drowsy by lowering the activity levels of the brain by increasing the production of the inhibitory neurotransmitters. There are different categories of sleeping pills one is the prescription sleeping pill and the other is the over the counter sleeping tablets. 


A medicine used in the right amount at the right time and for the right duration will help you with the maximum output and it is only possible when you stick to the directions either of the leaflet that comes inside the medicine packaging or the prescribing doctor. FDA approved sleeping pills are the controlled substances that have a very narrow therapeutic index so they are tricky drugs as the therapeutic window is very narrow and any slight negligence either intentional or accidental can cost you gravely. General guidelines that you need to follow before using sleeping pills are:

  • Try to identify the exact cause that is causing the trouble.
  • Always consult a psychologist first and then a medical specialist.
  • Option for non-pharmacological measures first which includes cognitive behavioral therapy, breathing exercises and sleep hygiene education.
  • Have a disciplined routine and going to bed or wake up time should be fixed.
  • Dark rooms are more conducive for sleep.
  • Optimum room temperature also ensures good sleep. Comfortable pillows and cozy blankets with posture supporting mattress is also very helpful in assisting a good sleep.
  • If you are a shift worker, try to work in shifts that do not rotate frequently.
  • Gadgets and electronics that interfere with the sleep must be kept away from the bed side tables.
  • If required do go for medications but only after proper consultation.
  • Proper history must be given to the doctor for example any history of drug or substance abuse or if you have any co-morbidities or if you are already on some other medications to rule out the possibility of drug interactions.
  • Lowest possible dose should be the starting dose.
  • Sleeping pills are only meant for short term treatment and the maximum length should be up to 4 weeks.
  • The doses should be further reduced in case of elderly and patients with compromised kidney and liver functions.
  • Cut out alcohol consumption or caffeine consumption before you buy sleeping pills UK as they can interact with drug and cause complications.
  • There are many purchasing options such as from the drug stores and one can also order online sleeping pills but only opt for authentic websites as any sub-standard product can cause you your life.


Adverse effects can be categorized in to two types such as:

Common side effects:

  • Confusion
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Irritability
  • Urinary retention

Serious side effects: 

  • Addiction

Sleeping pills do have addiction potential so they are only prescribed for short durations and if you tend to use them longer than the prescribed duration you are likely to develop addiction which can be fatal if not controlled.

  • Dependence

Dependence is the urge to keep having the drug so you can sleep and the psychological need that you can not sleep if you are not taking the drug. Patients do develop dependence but it is important to know that when you are unable to sleep after taking the prescribed dose than taking another pill will not help you it will only worsen. So, if your body is showing any sign of dependence seek medical help promptly.

  • Drug abuse

Due to the addiction potential a person can develop the habit of using the drug in an un-justified way. History of drug or substance abuse or any psychological illness increases the chances of developing drug abuse. If such patients are prescribed it is strictly instructed to the caregivers to keep a tight check and balance on the dosage and timings of intake. 


After all the discussion it can be concluded that it is not wise to take sleeping tablets frequently.

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