How to cancel an order:

If any time after placing an order online from sleeping pills UK, you change your mind or uncertain about the product. You can simply cancel your order by visiting our Return and Refund tab. If the product is dispatched and is on the way to delivery then a simple cancel my order will be sufficient to stop the process.

Order ID or Number:

Once you cancel any order you need to wait till the dispatched order is reversed and then you can claim a refund if you have paid using online options. If you choose Cash on Delivery option then you don’t need to do anything else after cancelling your order. However, in both cases your order number will be confirmed by online sleeping pills UK.

Refund Policy:

In case of return, where a product which has been delivered to you isn’t up to the desired result and you want to return the product or item, you just need to explain the reason why you want a return or if there’s something wrong with your order. Our online support service agent will contact you shortly and inquire about some minor details regarding the product for which you’re asking a return. Once approved the return process will start and the delivered product will be collected from your doorstep from our delivery team along with your feedback.

Any price paid before or after the delivery of the product will be refunded fully if return request is made within 48 hours to 72 hours.

Approximate time to refund:

As we truly care for our clients, we have a refund policy in place for our them. For those people who successfully buy sleeping pills online from us may also keep in mind that in a situation where the online consultant or doctor has asked to stop taking the drug, a refund will be given by us. Refund may take approximately a week to be credited to customer’s accounts. Moreover, the duration of the timeframe of refund may differ for one cardholder to another.

Best practice to adopt for return or refund:

Our simple refund policy is what excites people to buy sleeping pills online from us along with other kinds of drugs. However, we discourage returning the drug back to us once it is dispatched to the customer and has left our premise. Therefore, it is advised to cancel the purchase before it has left the premises of the company.